Monitor heart rate and SPO2 with MAX30102

Pulse oximeter using MAX30102

I made a pulse oximeter using the MAX30102.

I found an article that graphs temperature, humidity and air pressure using Hightcharts and a BME280 sensor.

Then I found a video of their smartphone showing their heart rate and SPO2 in real time. Values are volatile.

Introduction of SPIFFS

I thought I would use the HighCharts library to display heart rate and SPO2 in real time. For that, I had to install the “SPIFFS file system uploader” in the ArduinoIDE. I’ll put the html file in SPIFF. That way, I can access the html and view the heart rate and SPO2 using HighCharts!

I consulted the site above.

Finally, if “ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload” is added, it is OK.

Connection between MAX30102 and ESP8266

Same as my previous post. You may want to refer to it.

Contents of index.html

I used index.html from the article above as a reference. The following is the content of index.html

Heart rate and SPO2 were set as the graphs to be displayed. The minimum and maximum values of the X and Y axes were changed. The data update interval was changed to every 1 second.

Contents of the sketch

I created a server with ESP8266. I have also enhanced the heart rate and SPO2 noise processing. So, The code in my previous article is more readable.


You should take a look at my Youtube videos for reference. The values are consistent with a typical pulse oximeter.
Thanks for your reading.